Little Bit had a turnabout.  You know, when they end the day in a poor mood, but wake up in a completely different state of mind.  (Thank you Jesus!)  Sometimes teenagers can turnabout so quickly it makes your head spin – leaving you wondering, “What just happened?”.  Turnabouts come in varying shapes and sizes.  From a good night’s sleep to the right words at the right moment.

I needed a turnabout a few weeks ago.  I could just feel the joy being drained from my body – the heaviness entering in its place.  Wondering how long this time I would muddle through with those boots of concrete securely placed on my feet. Would it be a few days – seemed like it had already been that – maybe a couple of weeks.  And then God renewed my spirit – joy returned!  He chased away the darkness once again.  It wasn’t a change in my circumstances, or pills, or exercise or a good night’s sleep – it was simply and surely God.  His mercy and grace. (Thank you Jesus!)

I sent Little Bit off to school wondering if this same outlook would be with her after school.  It was.  Bolstered by shared angst with her girlfriends – stories of similar situations and experiences – God graciously offered comfort and peace to a mind filled with anxiety just 12 hours before.

I’ve learned that even in the heaviness of life God is right there with me – when the road doesn’t turnabout as quickly as you’d like – He has something for me there too – something to learn – something to show His glory and bring Him praise if I am open enough to see it – if I am teachable – if I am grateful.

Psalm 136:26  Give thanks to the God of heaven.  His love endures forever.

A new day – a new outlook – new mercies from God.


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