The Master Gardener

I guess because I like to play in the dirt (have since I was a little girl), God reveals similarities between gardening and faith.  These last couple of days have been sunny and warm.  Soon I’ll have to wear my hat (which thoroughly embarrasses my family) and sunscreen, but in early spring I am free to garden without those extra requirements. I love to loosen soil, watch dead plants come back to life, get rid of all the old dead foliage and prepare for beauty.

Part and parcel to gardening is removing unwanted grass and weeds from my flower beds and vegetable garden.  I have some very persistent weeds which have deeply rooted shoots allowing this invasive plant to spread in all sorts of directions.  When I pull the weeds out, the deep roots are left in the soil to start producing all over again.  It seems no matter how much I pull, tug and dig, there are still small root remnants remaining in the soil.  They just keep reappearing despite my best efforts.  To top it all off this plant grows larger than my intended flowers and when left unchecked will cover over all the beauty that I desire to see.

So here’s the analogy – sin takes deep root within us and when left unchecked will cover over all the beauty that God desires to see.  And despite our best efforts to dig sin out by the roots we need our Master Gardener to really dig them out for us so we may have victory and He may have His due glory – beauty shining in the face of His children.  You know, now that I think of it, the best soul fertilizer and weed killer is LOVE.

Dedicated to a beautiful man who passed on his love of God and his love of the soil.  WCR


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