the LORD gave…

Job 1:21  in grief Job worshiped God – acknowledging that, “the LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” Immediately after such tragedy and in such pain he still chooses to praise the name of the LORD.

I believe that without the grace of God none of us has a next breath.

Today I drove past a place where tragedy occurred just over two months ago.  Life was taken away.  An accident.  In the blink of an eye, lives were changed.  It caused me to think of the times in my life where loved ones have died – some suddenly, others slowly.  One of my grandfathers was working in the garden one afternoon and dead the next morning – he died of an apparent heart attack in the night.  My other grandfather lived a long full life dying in a hospital bed at the age of 94.  My mother at his side as he took his final breaths. This life will end for us all – one way or another – sooner or later – one final breath.  It might be suddenly, unexpectedly or it may be years from now after a long, full life.

While we still have breath in our lungs, we are given the chance to choose – the opportunity to accept God’s son Jesus Christ as our savior and LORD – to accept the free gift of salvation – forgiveness of sins, to be made right before God -to gain eternity with God.  Life after death.  Life after breath.

Today I am thankful for life and breath.  Thankful for my sweet boy; doing so well for all that he has endured.  Thankful for my girls and the joy they bring. Mostly I am thankful for the salvation that Jesus offers and for our decisions to accept Jesus as LORD and savior of our lives.  Today I will praise the name of the LORD.

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