The Important Stuff

It has been quite the week so far, and it is only Tuesday.  Sunday I was honored to teach a Sunday School class at our church.  The crux of the lesson is that we need to know why we believe what we believe so we are not led astray from God’s truth. Today at work a family buried a son, brother, uncle.  He knew what he believed and where he would be going once he left his failing, earthly body.  He knew with certainty because of God’s promises.  Praise God for the blessing of His promises.

Later this week my sweet boy flies to the other side of this globe, and I will head east to spend time with a daughter at school.  The busyness of life.  It is so hard to stay focused in the midst of it all.  How do we slow things down so that we don’t miss Him? How do we decide not just what should be done but what shouldn’t?  When we say no to good things, the world tells us we’re missing out, falling behind, doing our children a disservice.

I think, however, that the best service we can offer our children is to show them the important stuff.  Weed out the good, even the urgent and only tackle the important.  God’s to do list.  Quite often I think we are deceived by our society’s priorities thinking that God would approve of them.  Rationalizing and justifying.  Jesus had a great way of simplifying everything for us.  He says if we get these two items accomplished all the other things that God desires of us will fall in line.  So what are these two things?

1) Love God with all your heart, soul, strength, mind

2) Love others as God would have you

It is about relationships; not stuff, not activities, not skills, not accomplishments, not bank accounts, not retirement funds, not a nice home or a nice car, not the best job or resume.  God and People.

So topping my important stuff list is God, husband, children, family, friends, church members, all those that God will put in my path to shine His light on.  I pray that He will strengthen me and mold me so that I can love people well for His glory.  The most loving thing I can think of is to draw them closer to Him.


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