…physical and mental….time for a break.  Time for some refreshment and restoration.  When I get this tired I have no interest or desire to do anything.  There are so many things on the to do list that I “should” get done today in the last two or three hours of my day, but I’m just simply out of steam.  They can wait until tomorrow.  They’re not going anywhere.

I realized today that I must have been interrupted over 50 times in 6 hours.  No wonder I’m exhausted.  Smile, be pleasant, be helpful, stop what you are doing to attend to another’s needs; over and over and over again.  It is amazing I got anything accomplished.  Follow that up with 4 more hours of working at home and running errands.  Why do I do this to myself?

It reminds me of the book of Ecclesiastes; chasing after the wind…meaningless toil!  Time to regain some joy, to refocus my thoughts on God so He can refresh me and restore my soul! (Believe it or not my phone just rang…I didn’t answer)

  • Praise God that He hears my prayers and the cries of my heart
  • my cold is better today
  • the cat hair that clings to my lamp shade reminds me that I’m blessed to have pets – soft warm purring kitties
  • overabundance – the clutter in my house reveals that God has provided more than my need – so I can bless others with my overabundance (putting this one on tomorrows list!)
  • goodbye hugs and kisses
  • little bit now long and lanky waving at me down the sidewalk
  • lunch with my sweet boy
  • empty to fill – making room for God, His Word, His Spirit
  • warm water – a bath
  • helpful friends and family
  • finding an “I Love You.” hand made heart in my glove box
  • developing forgotten film and finding sweet memories

Gratitude changes the attitude.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow…..

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