The word of the day today:  Celebration!  We are having our “End of the Year” celebration for our women’s study at church tonight.  A time of reflecting, of honoring, of sharing, laughing and eating!  So with celebration in mind I turn to the graces God has given me today.

  • babies talking to each other – nonsensical words but very clear tones and body language
  • a dog who knows he has been naughty
  • little helpers working at church – serving God with such little willing hands and hearts – what an example for us big kids!
  • sunshine – I love the warm bright sun and the blue sky
  • beautiful faces from far away
  • sirens – people helping others in distress
  • flowers
  • Kleenex
  • a record length of being on time continues
  • compassion and love for those that society discards
  • Words of truth spoken with such passion and grace; reminder of the power of the Words of God

So I challenge you to celebrate every day by taking a few minutes to list God’s graces.  Write down all the ways God has shown you His love today.


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